Imitation Situation in Turkey

There are two “situations” in Turkey; neither one is different than the other: One situation is being a western-wannabe and the imitation of the western and the other situation is being a (middle)eastern-wannabe and the imitation of the (middle) eastern. They already say, good artists copy, great artists steal. At least copy for cryin’ outloud! You can’t steal, so copy! The bad ones, the shitty ones “imitate”! — EH

TR’de iki tane “durum” var; ikisi de birbirinden farksiz: Bir durum batiya ozenti ve batinin imitasyonu; diger durum da (orta)doguya ozenti ve (orta)dogunun imitasyonu. Demishler, iyi artistler kopyalar, kotuleri calar. Bari kopyala be kardeshim! Calamiyosun bari kopyala! Kotuleri, en berbatlari “imite” eder! –EH