Free Dumb

So, let me put it to you this way. I am 51 years old. I worked as a Software Engineer in the IT corporate world for almost 30 years. I had a pretty reasonably good education. I got offered the green card in the Silicon Valley which I pushed away. Then I got Canadian Citizenship due to my professional background.
I also started actively being involved in arts, especially writing, painting and sculpting; also interested in working on making a movie.
I consider myself well-read enough. Not the best of bookworms.
I wrote books, though they’re all User Manuals.
I speak English and French and Turkish.
I can program computers.
I had represented Turkish Republic in a pretty positive way abroad.
I am a marijuana activist.
I am a cancer survivor.
I rescue Turkish street dogs and make them Canadian citizens.
I am here to empower women of Turkey.

I got arrested because of my behavior! Because my behavior is “rough” yet challenging. I always challenge authority, and I always will if they don’t behave.
Authority should represent me, it shouldn’t go degenerated.
If it does it finds me right in front of its nose.

So, how come right now I am being wasted? Why? I am still able bodied enough, if not as good as I used to.

Why would anyone want ppl who are qualified for the good of the societies to be wasted?

What would be the basic reason for that?

I’ll tell you what. When you are not sure of yourself, that means, when you know you are not as good, then the only way to beat ppl like me in the game is to CHEAT and BEAT.

That’s why.

This only results in making things harder for everyone in the society including self.

And this is purely STUPID.

And STUPID governs us.


Signed by Ece

This is my message and I approve this message for ALL times.

Sue me! And “Excuse me for Living”

I am your worst nightmare! Especially our president’s and his losers.

Long live Freedom, and hell with the Free Dumbs. Your end is near. Not the end days you morons. Who are you foolin’?
Who da fock are you kiddin’!

#CourageIsContagious and hey ya still have time to have some courage to come out and CONFESS! SHOW SOME COURAGE Mr. Erdogan.

If you have the guts face me in person, LIVE on TV. Let’s see who is the criminal.

I am summoning you Mr. President!
I challenge THEE!

Do you have the guts to face me, my bf, my friends, my unknown friends, everybody whose lives you are now crushing with pleasure.

We are not collateral damage to your fantasized Neo-Ottoman Empire. Who are you to be Ottoman by the way! (Sen kim Osmanli Kim)

How about rebuilding Rome then, while we’re at it?

You cannot criticize Americans, when you are the ones who are yearning in your schizophrenic fantasies to conquer the world.

And hey, nobody supports you anymore.

You lost. AKP is the biggest loser.