Hello World


(This entre-paranthesis  added Oct. 31, 2017 @ 06:30am -> If anything happens to me it is the Turkish State who did it.)

Dear Human Rights Supporters:
Please come join me in twitter. @gogoChibu
I am promoting this tweet. It is now the end of Holiday season for the Justice System. I mean this literally and figuratively. It’s about time we strike back. I’m serious!
This is step one of our process until we ALL prevail.
It took me a while to bring myself together after a 3-month jail time, believe you me, a few days in prison and they automatically begin fucking up all the order in your life. If there is a life after prison, it’s like life after surviving cancer. You start over. And in the meantime you have to continue fighting even while you’re crawling to get up and start over your life. But then again c’est la vie. Et je ne sais quoi! :)
So please come support ALL OF US that are fully or partially imprisoned as HOSTAGES – because if we don’t then you are simply in the same situation NOT FREE and each a hostage!
Change comes from within! Let’s do it! Get out of your COMFORT ZONES!
Thank you,
-e chibu